Coughing, More Coughing and a Glorious Haircut

Yup, I've officially become that person in our sea of cubicles that coughs all freakin day... sigh. I began to not feel so great last Sunday and was full-on sick by Tuesday. I took a day off and while I've gotten better, I cannot shake this cough!

So, this past week has been all about not working in my spare time... There will be some more blog posts coming soon, though - don't you worry ;-)

As those of us with chronic medical issues know... we have to put rest first sometimes in these busy lives of ours. In fact, I am vowing that when I get home today, I'm going to immediately shower and get into bed!

In other news, I did manage to drag myself to the hairdresser last week. I pushed my appointment back later into the day so I could sleep in (which ended up being thwarted by our dog, Bentley), but I couldn't cancel because my hair soooo desperately needed it. It had gotten so long it was just hanging there. It was beginning to drive me IN-SANE. I didn't want to go another week.

My hairdresser did a great job - check it out! I'm going for a smoother look these days:

Since I wake up at the crack of dawn to get downtown every day, I need a hairstyle that I can sleep on... one that doesn't look quite so messy. There's no way I'm doing 1-2 hours worth of work on hair every morning. No thank you.

I'm enjoying getting better at using a curling iron - it's nice to switch it up! :-)

Here's how she did the look: she blow dried my hair and then used a 1" curling iron. Pinning my hair up and starting underneath, she began curling at the front by my face - first curling away from my face, then alternating the curls toward my face and away from my face again. Every now and then she'd twist a piece of hair and then wrap it around the iron to throw in some variety. She repeated this until all of my hair was done and then used the iron to slightly bend my bangs away from my face.

She did this all with zero product except for some finishing hairspray which she applied after the curls were done. The finishing touch is running your fingers through the curls and then -poof- beautiful hair.

I love it!