ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Suggestion for bandage?


Hello darling!

I had a cyst removed from my armpit and have had to use band aids to cover incision that was stitched. The sticky part is creating rash because I change so often since it's in armpit; I have to wash and change often because of sweat. Every time I rip off, it's all puffy and itchy, but just where sticky part is glued to skin. Incision ok. Any suggestions?

Thank you


Hello, there! I have the same problem, actually. What works for me is using a little cotton gauze and paper tape. Roll a little bit of gauze, place it on the incision (which you can put a little vaseline over as well) and then use a strip of paper tape to secure the gauze. Paper tape is a lot better for people with sensitive skin. Mine hates adhesive, but does alright with paper tape.

You can find all of this at your local pharmacy and for a pretty affordable price. I hope you get better soon!


The Allergista