Blogging Can Be Frustrating... Really Freaking Frustrating.

I’ve been holding it in and holding it and I JUST CAN’T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE! I am SO almost beyond frustrated that I have to just get it out.

For those of you who follow on a regular basis, you know there have been some design changes happening on the blog and that I switched over from Wordpress to Squarespace. I made this move because Squarespace offers a couple things off the bat that the normal Wordpress site does not – it allows advertising and has a nice built-in store.

Once I decided to make the move, I was SO excited! And nervous… but mostly excited. Everything has gone according to plan except for 3 things:

  • I mysteriously have an alternate URL for my blog. I say mysterious bc it makes no sense to me at all, but I’m told this is the case for everybody on Squarespace.

This poses a lot of problems for me… imagine if you had a storefront on the street and it was listed with 2 different addresses? It would be a horrible mess! People are finding my blog through this alternate URL and therefore thinking said URL is actually my URL. This means they refer to pages with the wrong URL when they’re talking to me sharing pages with the wrong URL. It’s anything but ideal.

  • My views have decreased by at least a third… it’s between a third and a half.

This is a giant problem when part of my plan was to take on advertising… You need a good number of views for anybody to care about advertising their business on your website. Obviously, this result of less views is kinda making my move to the new platform rather pointless. The whole idea of a blog is usually for people to READ IT.

  • All of my photo galleries are gone. Since that’s what I used on every single Fashion Friday post… this is no Bueno. Nobody cares or wants invisible fashion (unless you’re a nudist). I was told there’s a fix to this, but it seems cumbersome and I’m reluctant to put in the work at this point because I don’t know if I’m going to have to go back to Wordpress or not.

It’s been almost a month and I read online that it can take 4-6 weeks for Google to take this alternate URL down. Of course, this isn’t what Google said since they don’t provide a timeline. I read something somebody wrote online about the process instead.

So… here I am… trying to take this website to the next level and I have this MAJOR thing standing in the way with the URL.

And here’s my thought on this: Since EVERYBODY on Squarespace has an alternate URL… that means everybody is having the same problem as me… And honestly, it’s a lonely and scary process. Don’t you think Squarespace would have come up with a way to fix this issue.

This is the case with any new business, though… There are always unforeseen setbacks and complications… and of course you can’t predict them.

I’ll be hanging in there for another month and if there isn’t a change… I’m going to go back to Wordpress and deal with the huge pain of incorporating ads and a store... they don’t make it easy! However… I’m starting to wonder if Squarespace makes it any easier!

To be continued…