At 6mths of age, I’ve been suffering from atopic excema and multiple allergies, multi-factoral-triggered asthma, etc.

In the past, I’ve had the ‘scratch test’ and reacted to 99/100 of the items. I just completed the ‘patch test’ and I’m also allergic to all synthetic fragrances and propylene glycol. I’ve noticed that, through trial and error, that i’m allergic to other glycols as well.

Although incredibly frustrating, I’ve simplified my cosmetics and cleaning products significantly. I’ve also started making my own deodorant and lip glosses. I’m so proud of being able to make these products, and have even started making them myself!

None of my doctors have had a patient with my allergies, so it gives me some relief that i’m not the only one out there!

Thanks for your blog

You are so very welcome :-) We are here for ya! I've thought about making lipgloss before, but never deodorant - how awesome that you made a deodorant you like! That can be a tricky feat. Don't let that spirit die - it will make dealing with your allergies and eczema so much easier!



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