Eczema/Allergy Stories: Dishydrotic Atopic Eczema Turns to True Test Skin Patch Test Confirmed Allergic to Methylisothiazolinone

It all began when we first purchased Costco Kirkland signature brand dish soap. Lots of it , 2 years ago when we got a nice fancy stainless steel dish soap dispenser in our new sink. I daily used: Method brand foaming hand soap in the pretty bottles and Babyganics baby wash and shampoo for my baby daughter .... And dermatologists who decided it must just be over hand washing - recommending cetaphil restoraderm moisturizing bodywash by galderma. They all contain methylisothiazolinone, primarily produced by DOW chemicals as Kathon CG and now the newer version Neolone 950. The sad thing is that it took me 2 years of cracking bleeding skin on my hands to finally beg for a skin patch test to locate allergies... Only one out of some 40 chemicals came up positive. No previous allergies. Methylisothiazolinone is a severe skin sensitizer, it takes years to fully develop in some people, but when it does, there is no turning back. I am currently still on prednisone oral corticosteroids, hands wrapped in medical gauze most days, with medi - honey as only burn type cream I can use that is naturally antibiotic and does not contain and other potential chemicals or irritants. It is sticky and messy but I own 12 pairs of white cotton gloves. I wrapped my steering wheel to avoid the thiazolinones that are often also contained on leather conditioners . I wash my hair wearing cotton gloves inside 2 more pairs , first nitrile, second outer layer polyvinyl. I can not have a job currently, my hands swell up like blistering cracked bleeding balloons with weird circular dry red welts each time we try to taper my prednisone dose... Look for this particular chemical preservative/ biocide. Avoid it at all costs . Remove every item in your house that contains it and call consumer product safety commission, and Medwatch, the FDA reporting branch. Buy cotton gloves, and check all your makeup as well. Estée Lauder makes over 30 different makeup brands, and they love to use MI as preservative. It’s odorless, colorless, makes products stay on shelves forever, it’s in your Behr paint and sinner primers, it can be a neurotoxin, some will have serious breathing complications.... Write your congressmen. Be loud. Use products that have 6 ingredients tops! Make sure you know what each ingredient that is in your home consists of. The particle board. The rugs. The cleaners. The fabrics. The retardants. It goes on and on, we must come together to have collective consumer voices and choices for simple products and manufacturing processes.

Wow, I'll keep an eye out for this one. I usually stand by Method's products, so I'll take a look. Thank you for all of the information on Methylisothiazolinone... this has been an eye opening post. I definitely agree that the less ingredients, the better! I hope you can get your immune system built up so your hands improve... I know how hard it can be to have eczema on your hands - even just a little on the knuckles hurts!


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