ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Know of any cotton leggings?


Hello, I am so happy to have stumbled on your blog! I am desperately seeking 100% cotton leggings for my daughter (she is in a women's small or a girls XL). I have spent hours searching online and can't seem to find them. Do you know of any sources in the USA?

Thank You


Hi! I'm happy you have too :-) I don't know of and couldn't find any companies that specialize in cotton leggings, but I found a few pairs and two of them come in various colors. I actually just bought myself a red pair while I was looking for you! My allergic eczema has made it hard to find leggings since stretchy fabrics are typically synthetic. Leggings are perfect for the fall and winter, so I may pick up a few more pairs as well.

Good luck in your shopping adventures!

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