ALLERGY/ECZEMA STORIES: Allergic to Propylene Glycol

I too, am allergic to propylene glycol. It started in April after foot surgery. Doctor said I had a fungus which later was diagnosed as scabies. Blood test and biopsy were done. After all this , blisters continued to form on hands and feet. Patch test revealed that I was highly sensitive to propylene glycol. This also meant that every prescription given me from what was thought of as a fungus, scabies, and dermatitis, had this ingredient in it. I later found out that it was also in food, mouth wash and tooth paste, hair products, shower gels, laundry detergent, make-up, and lotions/moisturizers. This has been a horrible roller coaster ride. But knowledge is powerful. Now, I read everything; even after my doctor prescribe something. After all, they make mistakes too, sometimes.

I hear ya - being allergic to propylene glycol means investigating every single label... adjusting to that can be really rough. It was for me in the beginning. I felt like it was was one disappointment after the other. And we must be our own advocates - we owe it to our health. Even if it means reading every label! I find it really interesting that it developed after surgery... I wonder why that would happen exactly? Hmm...

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