PRODUCT REVIEW: Safeguard Filters


A number of months ago, the folks at reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try one of their Safeguard window filters. The gist of the product is that it allows you to keep your windows open a little bit without the threat of seasonal allergens coming into the house along with that nice fresh air. It sounded great to me so they sent me one and I popped it in one of our windows for a few weeks:

Here are some features:

  • It was tested with ragweed and is proven to remove over 96% of the allergen.
  • Rain & snow cannot get into your house while the filter is in the window. We did see a bunch of rain multiple times and it didn't come through the window either time. Haven't tried it out with snow, but I'm sure if would be fine. If there's a torrential storm, it's recommended that you remove the filter from your window.
  • Bugs can't get through either!
  • Rust proof
  • There are a range of sizes to fit your windows.
  • There's no need to worry about cleaning the filters because they carry replaceable filter cartridges in the online store.
  • Affordably priced at $22-$30

This is the problem with me testing this product out... I'm allergic to our cat (my hunny already had this cat for many years before I moved in and then found out about my allergy) and the cat is an indoor cat... and therefore is inside our house. I go through these measures to keep my skin from reacting to him, but I tend to be a tad stuffed up because of it.

My point is that there's no way I can properly test out a window air filter when there's a constant allergen already inside my house. Testing out electronic air purifiers was different since they help to clean the cat out of the inside air. Somehow, I didn't think of the cat factor when the representative for Safeguard contacted me. Don't ask me how! There are a lot of allergy things I need to remember... sometimes I slip up!

While I'm not the best test subject for this, I DO think this Safeguard filter is a great idea! I have a friend, from the blog Celiac & Allergy Adventures, who keeps her windows shut because of her seasonal allergens. Safeguard filters definitely helps out with that problem! And I'm a big fan of allergy solutions :-)

Head on over to to snag your very own Safeguard filter!