My itchy problem started in May with a few little bumps that looked like bug bites. (Not mosqiutos) they were on my left knee and shin. It isnow the first of August and the little bumps have been on almost every part of my body. Went to a dermatologist July 2nd, he looked at the rash and said it ws my laundry detergent and fabric softener and told me to use All Free & Clear. Also completely stop using dryer sheets of any kind! I didn't remember at the time I was using the right laundry detergent. Two weeks later, rash being worse, I went back to see dr. This time he said it was mite bites and we needed to do bug bombs in out house. Haven't done that yet. Itching shows up in random places. Going to a different dr on Aug. 6. I have been told that I am alergic to propylene glycol and it is in the Dove soap dermatologist told me to use. He is also the one who said I was alergic to it. Also in diabetic lotion I bought just recently to keep my skin hydrated. Got to get some answers from somewhere. This has ruined my whole summer!


I have totally been there! Propylene glycol seems to be in almost every type of product out there. I was actually prescribed  steroid ointment that ended up having propylene glycol in it. When I  developed my allergy to PG, it seemed like a daunting task to rid my life of it. It IS possible, though! I've gone about 4 years without it so far.

Make sure to check out my propylene glycol posts and my pg-free board on Pinterest! Good luck in your journey. It will get easier, I promise.


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