ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Do you know of any propylene glycol free suncreen?



so glad to locate this site. I have had my pg allergy now for over a year. very much a life changing experience but I was all too happy to make changes if I could get that terrible rash to go away.   what do u do for sunscreen? I read the ingredients on quite a few brands and everyone of the lotions has glycol. feeling a bit discouraged in this area. I'm fair skinned and need sunscreen. thanks so much.


Hi, there! I'm glad you found my site as well. Being able to talk to other people with the same issues is always nice :-) Propylene glycol allergy is indeed life changing because it's in everything. From body products to food products, you can't get away from it.

My trick for finding sunscreens without propylene glycol is to go for the continuous spray bottles. Not all of them are without pg, but in my experience it's easier to find them in this form. Here are two types that have been great with my skin:

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I definitely recommend trying out Aveeno and Neutrogena's sunscreens. With this type of sunscreen application, make sure to rub in the sunscreen after you spray it on. This ensures that your skin is coated evenly.

I hope this helps!


The Allergista