My Quest For a Nickel-Free Razor


In a few months, it will officially be one year since I've started my petition which you can find here. In said petition, I'm asking the razor companies to please create a razor that is a bit more allergy-friendly than what is currently found on the market. After doing some research (and this took serious digging), I got the email addresses of a couple CEO's and every time somebody signs the petition... they get an email.

At this point, they've gotten 180 emails. Now... I think they need a little more than that to do some serious convincing. We need to show them that there's a market for this out there! WE have to tell them.

So, if you haven't checked out and signed the petition, CLICK HERE. You don't even have to register and you can choose to be anonymous! Easy peasy.

The reason this is such a big deal is hair removal is something most of us do every day - women especially! We're dealing with comfort and hygiene here... those are important. People who are allergic to nicke,l which is in 99% of razors, are left with the options of waxing ($$), laser hair removal ($$ and not great for people with sensitive skin) and electric razors which don't cut very closely.

It leaves me feeling a bit aggravated and, honestly, when I think about it... how is there that there is NO product on the market that is both:

  • nickel free
  • and free of chemical-filled moisturizing strips


I don't get it. Nickel is a very common allergen and TONS of people are allergic to chemicals. A lot of companies don't even list what's in those strips! Our skin absorbs everything into our bloodstream... I'd kinda at least like to know what's going in it, you know?

Since I've started this petition, a couple cool things have happened though :-)


Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the nickel content in BIC razors. The blades and angular support material in all of our razors do contain nickel.

At this time, we have no plans to develop a nickel-free razor as there is no grade of stainless steel without nickel that would be suitable for manufacturing razor blades. According to our engineers, while grades of steel without nickel exist, it would be impossible for them to hold an edge and they may not have all the characteristics needed to manufacture a high quality razor blade.

We understand this must be very frustrating for you and others who share your allergy. Please note that we do manufacture razors without moisturizing strips, per your second question. These razors are: BIC® Silky Touch®, BIC® Twin Select® Sensitive, BIC Sensitive Shaver® and BIC® Lady Shaver.

Thank you for thinking of BIC. We wish you all the best and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Kind regards, BIC

While the news was a disappointment, it was nice to have them at least respond!

So far, the petition has a ways to go.

UPDATE: This razor by Preserve finally fixed my problem!