Life is Good :-) ...and other updates.

Hellooo there! So, I must say... life has been pretty awesome lately :-) Not that it wasn't awesome before! It's just even more awesome now. My new job is GREAT! I've been laying out the daily newspaper, working with advertisements and designing a booklet that will be inserted into one of our magazines. Pretty awesome, right? Well, I think so anyways. With my background in the newspaper industry and my love of graphic design, it's a really great fit for me :-) I've also been commuting to downtown Chicago and I LOVE IT!

I've been loving having quiet "me" time on the train:


And the exercise of walking to work has been a great kick-start to my day. Not to mention, Chicago is beautiful!


Also, it turns out that my new employer is going to pay to have my desk covered in glass! All they needed was a note from my doctor. So, I reached out to my dermatologist. I told her what was going on and explained that I had found a link between propylene glycol and laminate counter and desk tops. Without a glass top, my arms break out from resting them on the desk. She faxed the note to HR and that was that! After construction is done on our floor and I get my new cube (which will be in the near future), I'll post photos :-)

My co-workers who need to know about my allergies pretty much all know by this point, so it's nice that that's out of the way as well. I gave certain people handfuls of vinyl covered paperclips and explained my nickel allergy to them. Everybody was really nice about it. Soon I'm going to go around the building with my nickel testing kit and check all the door knobs as well as the bathroom stall doors. I kinda wanted to get settled a bit before doing that. In the meantime, I've been using a bandanna to open the door knobs.

Another great thing that's happened is the eczema that was flaring up on my elbows is completely gone! I had a sneaking suspicion that it was due to my resting my elbows on the interior of my car while driving and I think this proves that I was right. My skin is doing really well in general right now, actually. I only have a few bumps on the top of my left foot and a one small one on my finger that is currently disappearing.

So, life is good :-) I definitely can't complain. My hunny and I also spent a great long 4th of July weekend together <3

We fished:


And went to a 4th of July party where we grilled, played badminton and the guys played with fireworks:


It was a wonderful time. Great people, great weather and good ol' America. In the coming weeks, we're looking forward to our young nieces staying for a sleepover aaaand our birthdays are also right around the corner :-)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!