ASK THE ALLERGISTA: I've been diagnosed with propylene glycol allergy. What do you think about these products?



I have recently been diagnosed with an allergy to propylene glycol. I saw that you recommend 100% pure products. Do you know much about the Free and Clear products. The shampoo is supposed to be PG free but my face really broke out after using it. Also have you ever used CeraVe? My dermatologist recommended the locations and hydrating wash


Hi, there!

First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Being allergic to propylene glycol is a tough one as it's in everything!

Yes, I loooove the products by 100% Pure!. As far as the Free & Clear shampoo and conditioner are concerned, I was given samples of both when my allergies exploded a handful of years ago. I remember reading the label on at least one of them, noting PG was on the ingredient list and then stayed away from it. However with a recent google, it appears that propylene glycol has since been removed!

I've learned from some of my readers that certain people avoid all glycols all together which is something to think about... Also, could you be allergic to anything else in the shampoo?

As far as Cerave goes, I've been using their lotion and cream for years. I love it! I couldn't recommend it more :-)

Since you're allergic to propylene glycol, make sure to check out this list of items containing pg, this list of food containing pg and my propylene glycol free board on Pinterest.

Good luck in your journey!


The Allergista