ALLERGY STORIES: Propylene Glycol is everywhere!


I developed and allergy to PG about 5 years ago after a Dermatologist prescribed it for my increasing hair loss. I had a severe reaction:rash,face,neck,eyes, along with swelling. My MD did a patch test and I tested positive for PG,as well as nickle and colbalt, and I no longer take the flu shot as I also had a reaction. I have learned over the years and several reactions, check all products, including my dog's food. In addition I have learned, just recently that PG is in coconut. Had a reaction to bake product with coconut, the oil is added to many baked and other products.

My concern is that reactions last longer and seem to spread over body. And a GREATER concern is that the medical community is unaware of the seriousness of PG allergy and its use in many meds, lotions, and now I learn in anesthesia. The allergist that I saw told me to just stay away from those a snarky manner.

I am so happy that I found this site. Seems to be many similar stories.

I'm glad you found me too! More and more people are coming out of the woodwork who are allergic to propylene glycol. This allergy needs to be taken very seriously, especially in the medical community! I'm sorry to hear that you had an experience like that with the allergist :-(

I haven't looked into flu shot ingredients, but stay away from it since so many of my allergies occur in prescriptions and other things of the sort. It's just safer! I've never heard of the pg in coconut thing, so I did a quick Google and saw that it's in shredded coconut; not regular plain coconut, just fyi everybody. Make sure to always read your ingredient labels! As far as the prednisone goes, I remember being on it and it made me feel bloated and awful. I'm not surprised that it's in there as well!

Thanks for sharing all of this information! Your story is much appreciated :-)

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