New Eczema in the Same Ol' Spot


For the most part... my eczema happens in the same spots and goes through cycles of being completely clear to coming right back. Usually it happens on my:

  • elbows
  • fingers
  • wrists
  • above my arm pits
  • behind my knees
  • tops of my feet

Everywhere is pretty much clear right now except for my elbows. My right elbow is the worse of the two:


I'm not sure if it's the allergic variety or the atopic variety of eczema because I often end up resting my right elbow on the console in our new car. It's made out of some sort of fake leather looking stuff.

For two nights in a row, I've made sure to wear long sleeves to bed and put on a thin layer of steroid ointment (desoximetasone). It seems to be on the mend, so I'm going to leave it alone in the hope that it stays on this track.

Fingers crossed!