My Brand New Eczema Flare


One of the things people without eczema and/or skin allergies don't understand is... THE FEAR. The fear that our skin will inexplicably freak out, or "flare" as they call it, and we'll be left to deal with another battle of trying to make it calm down... And what if it DOESN'T? After four years... my eczema / skin allergies have pretty much occured in the same places and I've been able to control them to the point that my friends tell me my skin is looking great and they'd never know I had these issues.

Well.... something new has finally happened. I don't think my skin flared in this particular spot when my eczema / allergies blew up in 2009... So, I will admit... it has me a little worried:

And I don't like it one bit. When it's on my elbows, it's easy to forget. The tops of my hands so easily come into my line of vision all day long that I'm finding myself distracted by it. I've been staying away from my prescription steroid ointment (desoximetasone) for a long time now, but I busted it out after this reaction happened.

It all started last Thursday and the bumps have been going down and back up since.... It began on my right hand... the day after I petted a non-hypoallergenic dog a bunch of times. I didn't really think TOUCHING dogs was a problem as I've worked with them and never saw this type of reaction. I have tested positive for being allergic to dogs, so maybe since I haven't been exposed to dogs in so long... I've lost my resistance? A couple days after, it spread to BOTH hands.

I dunno... When you have over two dozen allergies, it's hard to figure out exactly what's bothering you. All I know is I hope it goes away and never comes back. I guess it's time to hunker down and really not take any chances with my skin or food allergies... it's best to be as safe as I can be. Perhaps it's atopic dermatitis, though? The type of eczema that flares for no reason? Usually that type sticks to the same routine places (such as my elbows), so I'm not sure it's that type.

Has anybody else seen this type of reaction on their hands?

To be continued...