PRODUCT REVIEW: Tallgrass Beef Hot Dogs


So... when I was one of the offical bloggers at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo this past April, I came across Tallgrass Beef. What is Tallgrass Beef, you ask? It's grass fed beef COMPLETELY free of chemicals and preservatives. Yeah. Awesome, right? The cows also are free of antibiotics and only eat grass as they should. Most cows are fed corn which wreak havoc on their internal systems.

Since I have been insanely busy for the past 3-4 weeks and have had no time for... anything other than working, I tossed a few of these puppies in a pan on the stove, cooked them up and ate them just as they were:


I also used a little bit of ketchup and mustard for dipping:


The verdict? These hot dogs are AWESOME!  They have a very nice flavor. Not bland at ALL. My hunny tried them as well and he was a little blown away by how good they are! This is GOOD STUFF, people.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Bill Kurtis, the owner of Tallgrass Beef, and asking him some questions. Check it out below!

Most grocery stores really do listen to their consumers, so if your local store doesn't carry them make sure you speak up! Send them an email and tell them why you want Tallgrass Beef! THESE are the sort of hot dogs that should be in our stores... NOT products filled with chemicals and preservatives!