The Allergista Featured on Fox News!


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or even Pinterest, you probably already know that I was on Fox News Chicago last week! :-)

Being raised in Chicagoland, it was really special day for me to be featured on the Chicago news. I'm still glowing a little bit!


I was interviewed by Tisha Lewis, who happens to be very easy to talk to and made my first interview on television a breeze! We ended up rolling my interview with Bill Kurtis in with the Fox interview, which was really fun.


Tisha and I talked about seasonal allergies and more. This year is supposed to be a doozy for seasonal allergies!

Check out the interview here (how 'bout that face I'm making? lol): (unfortunately, the video has since been removed from their site)

the allergista fox news

But here's an Instagram snippet from that night!

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -
Record-breaking pollen levels are predicted after this year’s harsh winter to cause the overlap of tree, grass, weed and mold pollen seasons. One allergy expert has do-it-yourself information on how to survive the extreme allergy season.

Girl next door turned allergy expert Jennifer Beckinsale is better known as “The Allergista” on social media.

“I have a disclosure on my blog. I’m only telling people what I’ve been through and what’s worked for me,” said Beckinsale in an interview with FOX 32’s Tisha Lewis.

Beckinsale was interviewing veteran Chicago broadcaster Bill Kurtis about his organic beef business when FOX 32 News caught up with her. She said her blog saw a spike in traffic after this year’s Polar Vortex prompted a “Pollen Vortex.”

A spike from people looking for home remedies.

“Some people keep their windows closed, you know, because you want to open your windows in the Spring because it’s nice out and everything but all that stuff comes inside,” added Beckinsale.

Beckinsale said some people even react on their skin to seasonal allergies.

“So washing your hair is a good thing when you come home or changing your pillow case every day,” said Beckinsale.

She also said a hidden ingredient could be the source of discomfort.

“Propylene Glycol, it is in everything,” added Beckinsale, “It’s in those e-cigarettes, it’s what theater smoke is made out of it, it’s in baking mixes, it’s in your soap, it’s in your deodorants. Did I mention anti-freeze?”

In regards to Bill Kurtis, he suffers from allergies and his goal was to sell organic beef to people who have food allergies.

“We’re producing beef that has no hormones, no antibiotics, no gluten, no GMO, no nitrates, no nitrites,” said Kurtis in an interview with FOX 32’s Tisha Lewis.

Kurtis is the Chairman of Tall Grass Beef.
“People can develop an allergy at any time. Here I am late in life and all of the sudden I break out in hives and then you can’t find the cause,” said Kurtis.

FOX 32’s Tisha Lewis reports, Beckinsale, also known as “The Allergista” is petitioning companies to create an allergy-friendly razor without nickel which is found in most shaving devices to prevent rust.

Beckinsale is not a medical professional, but does suffer from more than two dozen allergies.
— Fox 32 Chicago

A big thank you to Tisha LewisFox News and Bill Kurtis for making this possible!