PRODUCT REVIEW: Gluten Wize Triple Berry Granola


Ok.... I can't remember the last time something that falls under the "snack" category went over so well with my hunny. In fact, he felt the need to eat it so fast that he made me take photos weeks ago before he devoured the last bit of it ;-) I bring you... Gluten Wize's Triple Berry soft granola:


I found this soft granola at the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo last month and it is AMAZING.


It tastes like cookies! Oatmeal cookies, that is. My hunny maintains that it tastes better than any cookie on the market. I very well may agree.

A neat fact? This is actually THE ONLY soft granola on the market.

Triple Berry is:

  • gluten free
  • kosher
  • all natural
  • and some are dairy free

...and incredibly tasty!

They've also got a bunch of flavors:

Fruit & Nut
Chocolate Lover's

Each for only $5.50! Order them here on their website.

Another great thing about this soft granola is that you can use it in recipes. Check out the recipes on Gluten Wize's site.

Have you tried any of the flavors??