hi, your story sounds a lot like mine. I have been autoimmune since 18 months old. A few days after a routine Dr appointment I stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital for my parents to learn but I had severe asthma and severe allergies. I had allergies from everything from dust to foods. I managed just fine with medication, steroids, and the occasional flare up, but at 22yrs old my symptoms were out of control. I was in an out of every specialist office with this blistery rash all over the palms of my hands and in between my fingers and every once in awhile I would get hives on my whole entire body from head to toe. I was a hair stylist, so I wore gloves constantly for cutting for styling for trying on clothes, ect. In my 30's when I became pregnant with my second child I had constant staph infections from this blistery rash that just never healed.


Shortly after my daughter was born I was diagnosed with celiac and the wheat protein that I was coming in contact with was one of the many irritants.I still am not sure what all I am allergic to you, but I know what I can use. I can only use 7th generation dish soap and laundry detergent,whole foods 365 scent free shampoo and conditioner.and I must avoid it at all costs formaldehyde, petroleum and propylene glycol just to name a few.

I found a homeopathic integrative doctor last year that informed me those three irritating chemicals irritate people with a taurine deficiency more than the irritating the average person so she put me on a series of supplements including taurine, Omega 3, multivitamins, megadoses a vitamin D, and probiotics to heal my gut to help with my skin. Her theory is that the skin is the first to get irritated and then it goes to a cellular level and then to a digestion level then back up to cellular then back to skin. she said that the cycle that my body has been in has been so severe that is reacting again at the skin level and after 6 months of eliminating Grain and dairy from my diet while being on supplements I have seen major improvement in my skin to the point that I could finally go to a store without having to wear the gloves as a barrier. I know that we are all very different but hopefully you can take something from my story to help you with yours.I have now been rash free for 2 years ♥

Wow, cheers to your progress! That's great! Ugh, I dealt with a staph infection too. NOT FUN. They are really serious and really scary. I recently just chose my first DO primary care physician instead of an MD, which I'm excited about. They don't focus on prescriptions as much, so I'm looking forward to hearing his ideas. Healing your gut is indeed very important - I'm on board with the whole thing. It makes a lot of sense! 

Thank you for sharing your story! :-)

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