ASK THE ALLERGISTA: I have a couple of allergy test questions...



I recently found your blog, and am glad to know I am not alone!

I have a question about your food allergies. Were you patch tested for those? I've seen a specialist for my allergies, and didnt see any of those food items listed as a possibility for patch testing. Have you heard of ALCAT testing? Have you tried that? Im on the fence about getting that test done....seems to be a lot of opinions about it.

If you could please let me know how you discovered your food allergies, that would be greatly appreciated. Ive been using "safe" products for two years and Im not any better. Lately ive been thinking its my diet.

thanks again



Thanks so much for writing me! :-) You are absolutely not alone! To answer your questions:

  • I was patch tested for the gallates and preservative allergies by a dermatologist.
  • My allergist drew blood to test for my lactose intolerance (as well as a more extensive celiac test, but I was negative for that one).  You can read about that appointment here.
  • My allergist did a skin prick test for pineapple and sesame seeds, but I was negative for those.
  • I found out on my own that my skin begins to break out when I drink coffee, so I keep away from it all together. There can be a LOT of different ingredients and chemicals in coffee. Caffeine isn't so great for us anyways ;-)
I don't think I've ever heard of ALCAT testing before. Has anybody else?If so, please help out this reader by posting up in the comment section below!