13 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

  1. My lucky number is 13.
  2. I'm a graphic designer.
  3. I'm Italian / German / Welsh.
  4. I love to sing, but I'm pretty shy about it.
  5. I like to take reeeeally long bicycle rides on the trails.
  6. I'm overly critical of myself.
  7. I learned how to cook by watching and talking to the chefs at my old waitressing jobs.
  8. I kinda freak out when I lose stuff.
  9. I loved writing romantic poetry as a teen.
  10. I can make a lobster fall asleep while it stands upside down on its head. I'm completely serious. I learned it when I lived in Maine.
  11. I totally interrupt people all the time and I swear I don't mean to. I admit that it's an annoying part of my personality. It's kinda like word vomit.
  12. I'm really awesome at growing vegetables outside (and love doing it) but manage to kill all indoor plants.
  13. I sang background in the chorus of Kidd Russell's "Hash Tag That". That's also my boyfriend with the guitar (Isn't he adorable?). The song was actually made in our basement!


I aaalso happen to be in this video below, "E North Ave" and if you watch close...you'll see our dog, Bentley, is as well! E North Ave was also made in my hunny's studio. This video was RIGHT before my allergies exploded:


CLICK HERE to purchase E North Ave on iTunes

CLICK HERE to purchase Hash Tag That (Life Is Good)