Allergy/Eczema Combo Story: This person has tried almost EVERYTHING to cure herself!


So much to say and will try to condense it. I was born with asthma, eczema, and hundreds of allergies: food, environment, contact. Things improved when I hit puberty but that was just with the that I am 52 next month and in menopause, things have gotten MUCH worse. I moved from Charlotte, NC after 11 years as it's known for being one of the top 5 worst cities for allergens. I was THAT desperate that I moved my daughter who was entering high school and my husband agreed as well to Florida as one dermatologist suggested the ocean area might be good for my skin. I have been to sooooo many doctors, ER visits, allergists, dermatologists, holistic practitioners and even the MAYO clinic for 2 separate weeks for them to do patch testing. I have done everything from bleach baths, covering myself with vaseline & then wrapping myself with plastic wrap, soaking in the ocean for hours as some said salt water was healing, tried detoxing with one holistic "dr." who had me doing coffee enemas, juicing only organic food, drinking only reverse osmosis water, purchased a "grounding" unit, bought a personal infra red sauna, visited a dead sea salt therapy place for months, drank water too extreme as one person suggested to flood out toxins, tried Shaklee vitamins, went to a chiropractor who performed NAET on me where he had me hold a suspected allergen in one hand and I had to hold out my other arm while he pushed down on it to see if there was any resistance. After doing this a few times and me buying TONS of supplements he sold, he told me my gall bladder was registering a very high number. I then told him "I don't have a gall bladder, it was removed..." He got angry and said I should have told him that to being with. Never went back.

I've given so many vials of blood to test, had my poop sent away for testing, etc. I do gluten free, dairy free diet, as much as I can. There's so many other things I have done but you get the idea. My biggest issue was eczema. I did and still do spend hours and hours on the internet looking for a cure/relief. I've worn only cotton clothing, tried in vain to find a 100% cotton bra with no nickel as yup, allergic to nickel and wool, etc. Wash my hair with the "no poo" method I found on the internet using only baking soda and water and the conditioner is water and apple cider vinegar. I'm also allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, grass, animals, etc.

The biggest answer, besides Jesus of course, is that I found from researching and experience is that my most severe skin reaction is to citric acid. Initially I thought the culprit was propylene glycol, which is also an offender, but citric and stearic acid is my biggest trigger. I have literally stripped naked except for underwear, taken a knife and scraped my skin raw, the itching is that intense. I just never realized citric acid is in almost EVERYTHING! Even things that don't list it in their ingredients!!! For example, UDI's cinnamon raisin bagels. I had to GOOGLE "Do Udi's cinnamon raisin bagels contain citric acid?" Yup. Found out the hard way that Good & Plenty has citric acid too. Baby wipes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, makeup, candy, toothpaste, steroid creams, benedryl, prescription drugs, etc. EVERYTHING. So in order to live a somewhat "normal" life, I am on prednisone indefinitely. I know all about the risks, trust me...but it wasn't worth living without it....I take 4 mg a day but would rather not, so I keep researching. I can only use vaseline as a cream, anything with cocoa butter, shea butter, etc. causes a reaction on my skin, maybe because they come from trees which I am highly allergic to. Also fragrance, cleaning products, etc. Last night, I read that Vitamin B5 might help. I ordered some online. This week I am returning my Keybiotic pills I purchased after watching a very convincing video. They are basically probiotics.

OK, so what can I share that's helpful for me that might help you too?

I can only use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer. I tried the "UN-petroleum jelly" stuff but that too caused a reaction. I use fluoride free/citric acid free toothpaste. I use unscented, sensitive skin laundry soap but even still it's not perfect. I ALWAYS run the rinse cycle twice. I try to wear only 100% cotton. I drink tons of reverse osmosis water (Walmart's bottled water is filtered this way) I change my pillow cases daily as hair traps so many allergens. I use the "no poo" method for washing & conditioning my hair. I shower every night and slather vaseline on my entire body. I trim my nails as short as possible I pray a lot, I cry a lot, I research a lot and realize so many people have a harder life than I do and ask God for help in being more grateful for what I DO have rather than what I don't. I thank everyone who is trying to help us sufferers get some relief. It's so comforting to know I'm not alone in this.

You keep plugging along, you awesome person, you! Ugh. What a story. I've tried a number of those things and I found no cure either. I commend you for trying so hard to improve your health. Wow! Aside from the zillion things you've tried... moving across the country is a huge change! And then to not have it work out.... ugh. That would make me a little insane. I hate that you have to be on Prednisode (I despise that stuff) and while being on that garbage, you're still having issues :-( Not fair!

Thank you for sharing all of your tips! I know many people will appreciate it :-) That's also a great tip about changing your pillow case daily due to the amount of allergens your hair traps! I'll have to remember that.

Have you tried any of the methods this reader tried? Did you get any relief?

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