Allergy/Eczema Combo Story: Dealing with my young child's allergies and eczema has been challenging


Max was 6 months old when we discovered he had allergies. He had always had really bad eczema to the point people would think I'd scalded him. He is allergic to 20 things at the minute he's only 3. He's anaphylactic to quite a few of his allergies. He has to have bamboo bedding, 100% cotton clothes and a very strict diet.  I don't take him to playzones or play groups or go on holidays for fear of him having a reaction. Our life can get quite lonely. Was wondering how other mums deal with there child's allergies. And how have they gone on when starting school.

This is exactly why I do what I do - to utilize this site as a platform for all of us dealing with allergies and eczema. It allows us to really connect! It must feel awful to have to watch your young child deal with with severe issues. I worry that if I have my own child, they will suffer with my issues.

I can't help too much with advice in this type of situation, so I turn it to you:

Do you have any advice that might help this reader?

Please take a moment to post up your thoughts in the comments!



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