The Transformation of Eczema on My Foot

I am so incredibly sick of this eczema on my foot. There, I said it. Ugh.

Time to get up close and personal. Being an eczema blogger kinda implies that you actually see my eczema sometimes, so here we go.

This is what it looks like right now on the top of my left foot:


I looked back on my blog and it's definitely been persistent on the top of my left foot for a year now. A few doctors have mentioned to me that in addition to having one of the types of eczema (allergic contact dermatitis), I may also have a second: atopic dermatitis. This essentially means that your skin breaks out for no reason... just because. Most people with this type of eczema have certain areas where the eczema tends to occur. I guess my foot is officially one of them. My left foot, that is... not the right. Weird, right? And I promise I don't do anything strange with my left foot. It really makes no sense as far as allergies are concerned, so my educated guess is that it's atopic.

A while back, I thought it may be due to me eating dairy and causing leaky gut issues. This was my before and after I stopped eating dairy this time around:


In the time after that last photo it got reeeeally itchy and continued to improve, but swung back around again. This was on 3.31.14:


After that photo, it got a little worse. I think the friction of my feet rubbing against my blankets at night was irritating the healing process. So, I've been wearing 100% cotton socks to bed and it seems to be helping.


I hope it improves by summer. If not, oh well. I'm kinda getting used to it by now.

The top of my left foot has gone through quite the transformation since March of last year. Check it out:


Have you had this problem?