FASHION FRIDAY: Yes, cotton CAN be fashionable!

When I figured out that my skin was reacting to synthetic fabrics, it meant nothing good for my wardrobe. Pretty much all of my clothing had to be removed from my closet. Now... I totally understand that there are worse problems in the world than not being able to find a cute outfit, but finding a 100% cotton outfit for every occassion is not as easy as some may think. Try finding a black tie cotton dress. I've seen some that could probably work, but nothing that's reeeally perfect for that sort of situation. Also... think about bathing suits! It took me forever to find these super cute suits by Pita Pata Diva on Etsy. Anyways. My point is that it isn't easy. It's not impossible, but it's a far cry from most people's normal routines. In my journey for a new wardrobe, I've accumulated enough clothing to get me through the day to day. My work outfits are severely lacking, but I'm working on it. Actually, I feel like everything except my dresses and a few veeeery casual outfits are severely lacking.

It's finally dawned on me what the problem is! I always heard that you're supposed to buy your clothing in outfits because this will make your entire wardrobe more cohesive. Totally makes sense. If you buy a super cool top and don't have anything else to go with it... you still haven't built yourself a proper outfit. I used to do this, but in my scramble to replace my entire wardrobe... I've strayed from that logic.


I'm going to start scoping out fashionable "could-be" cotton looks to get back on track as far as thinking about what items to look for. That way, I won't be buying random cotton items and inevitably looking at all the clothing I spent money on, wondering why all my clothing funds are gone and I still have no outfits.

Since it's warming up here in Chicagoland, I've found some looks that could definitely be 100% cotton for the upcoming season!

Check 'em out: