VIDEO: My first experience with oil pulling


Today is day one of the 10 Day Oil Pulling Challenge... are you ready??

(There are supposed to be a lot of benefits including reducing inflammation and clearing up your skin. Pick up some organic coconut or sesame oil today!!)

A couple days ago, I figured I'd try it out in preparation for the challenge... As the time came to try it, I admit I was like "eeeeehhhhhhhh I don't know about this", but did it anyways.

The consistency is REALLY weird and fatty and kinda gooey the first time you try it (and I definitely didn't like the pre-melted oil!), but after it melts it's just a tasteless, odorless liquid in your mouth. It's really no big deal.

This all started when Selina over at My Eczema Skincare Blog suggested an oil pulling challenge to see if it really works. As soon as I heard, I was in! The oil is easily accessible (coconut or sesame) and the benefits are supposed to be many. I figured if anything, it would be a fun experience.

Join us in the challenge! Click here to head on over to Selina's blog and read more.

Also, click below to read more about what oil pulling really is!: