The Allergista Appears in InSkin Magazine!


Ever since a reader passed on VMV Hypoallergenics name to me, good things have been happening. First and foremost, I found out about their anti-perspirant which changed my world. Being allergic to propylene glycol means not being able to use 99.9% of the deodorants at the store. I tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked like the combo of VMV's antiperspirant and Dessert Essence's Lavender Deodorant. It actually works better than anything I've used - ever! Not only does VMV make great products, but they publish a really cool magazine called InSkin which is all about... SKIN! After tweeting back and forth with the ultra sweet ladies of VMV, they approached me about writing an article for them. Of course I said yes!

I decided to write about my entire journey with my skin... the break-outs, feeling like a freak, and having to throw away all the beauty / personal care products in my bathroom. My allergies have completely changed my life. It's been four years now which is kind of crazy to think about... I used to live a pretty healthy lifestyle (or so I thought) but now I am much more aware of the chemicals going onto my skin (and ultimately bloodstream) and the preservatives in food. The amount of chemicals that we consume is off the charts!

So anyways, before I go off on a tangent...

I present to you this season's issue of InSkin!


And my article: "How I Turned the Lemons We Call Eczema into Lemonade":


I'm SO excited! 

It's my very-first-ever published article! :-)

I give a big thank you to the ladies over at VMV Hypoallergenics for being such a joy to work with. The experience was everything I could have hoped for :-)

Definitely make sure to download the spring issue of InSkin! There's some great stuff in there such as the benefits of going to a spa, make-up tips, and tips to get in shape.

One of the super awesome things about InSkin is that not only is it found in spas and where VMV's products are sold, you can also download it for free online!

Go here to view/download the Spring 2014 issue!