Tips For People Restricted To 100% Cotton


In my quest for clear skin, I found that avoiding all synthetics made a BIG improvement. Since then (2010), I've stuck to 100% cotton. I'm thinking of testing out some synthetics again in early summer, but we'll see. Anyways! It was a big lifestyle change for me. I now understand why synthetics were brought into the clothing market... I get it. There's a lot of positive from longevity of the fabric to fit. I'll admit that I miss my days of clothing with elasticity and being able to easily find clothing to wear. These last few years have been a learning experience, so I thought I'd share!

Here are my tips for those of you who are in the same boat as me:

  • Don't dry your clothing in the dryer! It will shrink. I hang all of mine up except for socks, towels, and big t-shirts.
  • Purchase a drying rack for clothing that shouldn't be hung on hangers such as sweaters.
  • Buy a steamer for your clothing because all of that clothing you hung to dry is going to need to be ironed. Ironing takes forever, so save some time with a steamer. I still need to buy one, actually.
  • Every time you purchase 100% cotton socks, buy a lot of them. I'm still amazed at the small amount of time it takes for my cotton socks to get holes in them. After a few months, you're pretty much guaranteed to have holes.
  • If you gain a few pounds, your non-stretchy 100% cotton pants do not care. At all. My pants and I are currently barely on speaking terms. Use a small rubber band to keep them held together at the top by looping it around the button, feeding it through the hole and looping it back around the button. Then, get to the gym as fast as you can and make sure to keep going back.
  • If you're a girl - dresses, dresses, dresses. This will make your life sooo much easier. Summer maxi dresses are a godsend as far as I'm concerned. They're comfortable, fashionable, and super easy to make a cute outfit out of.
  • If you can't find 100% cotton bras/underwear that you like, find the one that has the most cotton and avoid anything with polyester. Polyester is a common irritant.
  • For bathing suits, go on Etsy! You can have custom suits made and Etsy makes it incredibly easy to talk to the store owners for any sort of special accommodations that need to be made. My suit from Pita Pata Diva is actually in the mail ;-) She makes the CUTEST vintage styled suits and can even cover up the elastic for you.
  • Belts. Belts. Belts. Belts. Making the switch over to 100% cotton means you're losing a lot of elasticity in your clothing. For men, that's fine. For women, that means those sexy curves aren't going to be as easy to see. Stock up on belts and add them to your outfits to accentuate your shape. It doesn't matter what they're made of as long as they don't touch your skin. Obviously, if you're highly allergic to something such as nickel as I am, don't buy a belt full of nickel.
  • Now that lingerie has been completely eliminated from your life, head on over to my "cotton lounge, basics and underthings" Pinterest board to find some cute shorts, tanks and night gowns to keep the spice alive.
  • Relish in the fact that your 100% cotton bedding is a thousand times for comfortable than whatever you had before. A naturally soft fabric is so much more enjoyable to me than a synthetically soft fabric. Egyptian cotton? Don't mind if I do...

Does anybody else have tips to add?