There are so many awesome articles online about the topics my blog covers: allergies, eczema, style, and health. In an effort to spread knowledge, I'm sharing some interesting articles I've come across this week. Pull up a cup of coffee and enjoy!


  • Advocacy Update: Momentum for the Food Allergy Agenda Builds - Legislature meetings are going on in D.C which means it's time to rally for some new allergy laws. Last year there was a lot of progress in the law requiring schools to stock epipens for emergency allergic reactions. This year we're looking at spreading that law to other states as well as some laws about also stocking epipens in public places such as movie theaters and health clubs and making sure people are properly trained with food allergy knowledge in general.
  • Program Closes Gaps in Allergy Labeling - The people who created the Snack Safe Guide have come out with an online site that is even more helpful than the 8 page guide. The Snack Safe Guide is a downloadable document that lists products that are free of peanuts, tree nuts and egg. The new online guide will allow manufacturers to add "free from" products, greatly expanding the options of The Snack Safe Guide. The guide will also be adding more allergens, totaling at 11 major allergens: peanut, tree nut, dairy, egg, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, sesame and mustard! Cheers to that.
  • School Aide Suspended due to Alarming Allergy Incident - Wow. Ok, some teacher's aide in Jacksonville, Florida is a big fat liar or is a complete airhead. That's my opinion anyways. She was suspended because she brought peanut butter cookies to her peanut-free classroom. Her classroom's door touts a sign that reads: "Peanut-free classroom. Please do not bring any peanuts or products containing peanuts into this classroom." The aide was aware of the child's allergy and claims that she thought "peanut-free" meant a zone free of actual loose peanuts. However, there was a sign on the door prohibiting bringing in products that contain peanuts and the school states that the aide did receive the proper allergy training. The major problem is that a child had a reaction soon after taking a bit out of a peanut butter cookie, causing her throat and tongue to swell. And the aide was well aware of this child's peanut allergy?? *shaking my head*


  • Study Reveals the Cause of Eczema - Personally, I found this article a little confusing. They didn't say if they definitely discovered the cause and they also stated that everybody has this certain bacteria on their skin. Dr. Herbert B. Allen at the Drexel University College of Medicine stated that the staphylococcal bacteria that lives on our skin may be the cause of eczema. It's always been a theory, but it's never been tested. When asked why it's never been tested, the doctor said that uncommon diseases are researched more than uncommon diseases. Wow. That's messed up...
  • Dove® Pure and Sensitive and the National Eczema Society partnership - I find this funny because one of my most annoying allergens which causes my eczema, propylene glycol, is in the Dove sensitive skin bar. I actually use their gentle exfoliation bar to avoid that ingredient. I just hope that Dove is donating a lot of money toward finding a cure for eczema, not just trying to get brand exposure.
  • One Mom Shares What Eczema Meant for Her Baby's Health Down the Road - Read the story of a first time mom whose baby had eczema, asthma, and food allergies. My heart goes out to her!


  • How To Pull Off A Crop Top Anywhere - Did you know you can rock a crop top without exposing skin? I didn't until I looked at this slideshow! This super awesome presentation shows you how to wear a crop top anywhere - from daytime to business meeting (so cool) to lounge time. And it includes product links!
  • 4 Dirty-Hair 'Dos For Busy Girls - I don't know about you but I always feel like I rush through doing my hair in the morning before work. Here are some great looks you can sport on those busy days (the second to last look is a bit out there) or the days you just don't wash your hair. One of my hair dressers almost died when I told her that I washed my hair every day. She told me you're only supposed to wash it every other day or every few days... unless you have fine hair, which can look greasy when unwashed. I have the opposite problem. My mop of hair is so thick that I actually get it thinned out. It's a blessing and an annoyance all rolled into one.
  • Street Style Report: Fall's Chicest Trends - Yup, in the fashion world people are already thinking of fall 2014. I'm definitely into a lot of the reported trends for the fall, though. There's a lot of military which I loooove, lug soles, plaid, houndstooth, and then a lot of sneakers and light blue. I'm most excited about the military, lug soles which are so comfy yet make a statement, and plaid.


  • Tampons: Everything You Need To Know- Wow. Definitely check out this infographic.  A lot of tampons contain bleach and also... it makes NO sense that the FDA regulates tampons as a medical device, but does not require the ingredients to be disclosed. So, they're important enough to be considered medical, but not important enough to tell us what is going directly into our bloodstream? Thanks, FDA.
  • The New All-Natural Beauty Secret from Africa You Need to Know About Now - Looking like a cross between a potato and a turnip, the baobab fruit boasts insanely high levels of calcium, vitamin C and iron. Dr. Simon Jackson traveled out to Africa, did a bunch of research and is now using it in his line of natural beauty products. You can enjoy testing out one of his latest baobab creations at the very low price of... $120. He does have a lot of cheaper products, though, so it's worth checking him out.
  • Meet the SBC: The Workout Regime Taking London’s Fashion Scene by Storm - I've got somebody you need to start following on Instagram NOW. I think it will be a good little motivator for us. I just hit "follow" myself ;-)  His handle is russellsbc and he is the creator of SBC aka Skinny Bitch Collective. Not only is SBC about working out, but it takes your whole life into consideration starting with your sleep patterns when you join the program. This program also involves nutrition and getting a customized healthy lifestyle plan. The creator, Russell Bateman, has created a work out regime that is all based on movements that humans do naturally such as pushing, pulling, jumping, and crawling. He coaches super models and athletes and I must admit that they look good!