Allergy Stories: Chapter 8


The idea of sharing these stories is to get feedback, share solutions and create discussion. I want you all to be able to reach out to each other for help and feel the sense of community :-) The internet has been an awesome place for me since developing my long list of allergies... I've made allergy and eczema blogger friends, I've learned things from my readers which improved my allergic reactions, and I've heard a lot of other people's amazing stories. It's been a great experience!

This reader is looking to all of you for tips on how to live with her allergy. Here's what she's dealing with:

So happy to find your blog via VMV. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with allergies to 33 things via a patch test. I have learned what products I can use for hair, body and face. Unfortunately my allergy to a blue clothing dye has been the most difficult to handle. I can't wear tights, even those with 80% Cotten without getting rashes. I live in Seattle and realize my allergy would be better suited for the tropics. How do others deal with clothing allergies?

I'm glad you found me! VMV rocks. I understand what you mean about living somewhere tropical. It's the same way for me. Life would be a lot easier if I loved somewhere that I could wear cotton dresses every day. And wow, you're allergic 33 things! You have me beat! Personally, I use Pinterest to help with my clothing allergies. I search for items I can wear and pin them on different boards, organizing them by category. That way, I can go back and look through my own little personalized "store" and choose items as I need them.

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