6 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle


Ever since I developed my allergies and eczema, I've found that it's really important to stay healthy. Having a lot of allergies means having a lesser immune system and a tired body from the energy that gets put into fighting those allergies. That's nothing to mess around with!

I've come up with a few easy tips that I've adapted which have helped me lead a healthier lifestyle:

  • EXERCISE: this is so important! I've read that exercise can cure many ailments which would otherwise not be healed. Not only that, but it's good for your heart, muscles, organs and pretty much anything else you can think of in the body.
  • MEDITATE/YOGA: there's a lot to be said for being able to bring yourself down from an emotional ledge. Meditation helps teach you how to better control your thoughts and gives your brain moments of peace. I've really enjoyed getting into meditation. I especially like to do it for 10 minutes before my showers in the morning. It's the perfect way to incorporate it into my schedule. Quieting the mind takes a lot of practice, but it's interesting seeing how you really can train yourself to slow down your thoughts. If meditation isn't something you'd like to try, go for yoga! It's the precursor to yoga and you'll get the physical benefits as well.
  • REDUCE DAIRY INTAKE: everybody I've talked to who has gone off of dairy, regardless if they're lactose intolerant or not (like me), has told me how much better they've felt. Dairy tends to make you puffy and encourages mucus build up in your sinuses. I'm not saying to reduce your calcium, though. Make sure to take calcium supplements or try some tasty almond milk. Silk's dark chocolate almond milk is one of my favorite treats. It actually has more calcium than milk! Warm it up and it's the best hot chocolate in your life.
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: this is an obvious one, but it's sooo important. I love having something warm in my hand during the work day, so I drink hot water. Yup, plain hot water. It actually has a bunch of benefits! This keeps a steady stream of water going through my system between what I drink during my meals.
  • REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF CHEMICALS IN YOUR LIFE: since my allergies to several chemicals have caused me to eliminate them from my life and also caused me to read every label under the sun, I'm exposed to a lot less chemicals than before. I'm also much more aware of the severe amount of chemicals the typical person comes in contact with on a daily basis. It's kind of disturbing. A couple easy ways of avoiding chemicals is to choose food without preservatives and to go an extra couple days a week without perfume. Perfumes get absorbed right into your bloodstream through the skin. The scary thing is that the typical perfume doesn't list their ingredients on the package! Who knows what is flowing through your veins.
  • GO VEGAN ONE NIGHT A WEEK: having one night to give your body a break from meat, eggs and dairy is in no way a bad thing. It reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat and replaces that not-so-great-stuff with essential vitamins and nutrients. Our food pyramid is actually a bit off and we should be eating more vegetables!

What do YOU do to lead a healthier lifestyle?