Ask The Allergista: Help, I have tiny bumps on my lips!



Hello Jennifer, I just found your blog and I'm so glad there is someone I can ask. My question is related ti lipstick allergy.

I have suffered from cold sores my whole life. Luckily they have reduced their frequency and severity over the years. In the last 2 years I have been having tiny bumps on my lips that are very sore, and some are like blisters. I thought they were just the cold sores in a different form, but I realised it was mostly when I used a lipstick or lip liner. It took over a week to heal completely. So I avoided them. Lipglosses are fine, the ones I use regularly anyway.

I did however have the same thing happen when using lip balms like palmers coco butter tinted, and elizabeth arden 8 hour lip balm. Is sounds very similiar to your post here.

Do you have any further website to direct me or advice? I wanted to get tested but they are very expensive and not sure where to go really. Any help appreciated. Thanks



I'm glad you found me :-) I've never had an experience with cold sores, but I have had an allergic reaction on my lips. It happened right before my diagnosis. My lips were completely covered in teeny tiny bumps the same color as my lips. You couldn't really see them as much as they could be felt.

I used to use a lot of lip glosses, but since my allergy diagnosis I really only use Carmex (the original in the tube) and products from Red Apple Lipstick. Since then, I haven't had any big problems. The only product that's given me any issues lately is Burt's Bees lip gloss, but I only got a few bumps from it.

As far as searching for a doctor who can test you or guide you in the right direction for a patch test, you can start your search here. It's a great little search engine from the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

Patch testing completely upgraded my quality of life, so I highly recommend at least exploring the option.

Good luck on your journey. I hope this helps!


The Allergista