ASK THE ALLERGISTA: Are there any products out there without polyethylene glycol?



I just found out that I am really allergic to Polyethylene Glycol. After taking a dose of PEG 3350 as prescribed by my doctor, I had a near-anaphylactic reaction and had to call 911.

Apparently it's not a very common reaction and because it's generally considered safe, it's pretty much in everything.

Can you recommend any good canadian sites and/or companies that carry PEG-free products?



I'm sorry to hear that you had such an aggressive reaction. Polyethylene glycol (aka PEG) is indeed very common. A lot of people write me with allergic reactions (skin breakouts, nausea) but you're the first anaphylactic person.

I'm not sure of any Canadian companies... I'm also not sure what types of products you're looking for. Usually people are looking for body products since so many commercial products contain PEG. I do know of a few companies where you can find products, though:

100% Pure

VMV Hypoallergenics (and if you use the code ALLERGISTA10, you get 10% off ;-)


I hope this helps. Happy hunting! I hope you find some great new products that you love!


The Allergista