Growing Pains & Trying on a New Look


Hello, there! Miss me? There hasn't been a single blog post in a week and there's a good reason why.

I switched my blog over to a new server! YAY!

So, you're possibly going "Huh? And that means...?"

What that means is that all of my content (photos & text) exists on GoDaddy's servers now. This frees me from a lot of the rules on Wordpress. I'm free as a bird, blogger-wise.

So, if you notice some changes going on or you see a weird post that doesn't make any sense, it's only because I'm trying out some new themes for my this website. I'm REALLY excited about that. I'm 99.9% certain of the style I'm going to choose... It's actually on this screen shot, but I don't want to say which one it is until I actually decide ;-)


For anybody else thinking about switching servers, I'll share my experience. It took a couple days to get everything situated. The process was actually a very simple one. It was the wait time and the disconnect between the GoDaddy customer service people that were making the process a bit unbearable. Every time I called, I had to wait on hold for anywhere from 15 minutes to 35. I spoke with three different people to get everything accomplished and it was very obvious that they all had different levels of training. I was told that they weren't really trained for the Wordpress hosting package which.... I dunno... seems a little weird to me. Why offer a service that you can't support? There's no help number for Wordpress, so between the two companies, all you've got is some message boards and customer service people who aren't all on the same page. Luckily, after talking to three people, I could rest.

Last weekend, we had somebody over at our house that told us about SquareSpace which is a new blog platform and they actually offer 24/7 customer service. Seems pretty awesome... I'm not mentally ready for THAT much change yet, but I may check it out in the future. If you've used it, please let me know! I'd love to hear what your experience has been like.

In other news, this week will also be a full week of "Reader Submissions" posts while all of these website changes are going on. A lot of questions have been coming in, so get ready to hear a bunch of other people's perspectives and solutions they're looking for!

Cheers to growing pains!