Triumphantly Adjusting to a Disaster


When I developed my allergies in 2009, I was less than thrilled. I had an easier time coping with the horrible wounds on my limbs than I have had with cutting things out of my life. When I was dealing with the spreading, oozing hives and infection on my skin, I was naive enough to think that the doctors just hadn't found the right prescription to knock whatever it was out of me. I never thought my condition would be here to stay. Depressing, right?

Well, time heals most things and time has helped me get used to dealing with my allergies. I used to be afraid to plan a vacation or sleep-over because of everything that would need to be modified... like it would take the fun out of it.  That is no longer the case! If you've developed crazy allergies... yes,  it sucks incredibly at the beginning, but I promise as annoying as it is NOW, you WILL get used to it and there WILL be good days.

Take for example... this past weekend...

On Saturday, I lazily woke up... My hunny jumped in the shower and I headed outside to walk the dog in the biting cold weather.

As I came inside and was knocking the snow off my boots, I could hear the shower going... but it seemed really loud. Oddly loud. So, I perked up my ears and crept closer and closer to the stairs to take a listen. That's when I heard shower sounds in stereo... coming from upstairs AND downstairs. OH NO. I quickly made my way down to the basement where I found a full on rain coming down in our laundry room. I flew upstairs, knocked on the bathroom door, opened it and said, "Get out of the shower. It's raining in the laundry room." My hunny's eyes opened wide and he got right out. While he was on the phone with the plumber, he noticed that the first floor bathroom had overflowed, probably at the same time as the rain in the laundry room.

Turns out... a sewage pipe out in the courtyard which goes into our place has been crushed.

This means...

NO RUNNING WATER at my house :-(

So, we had to quickly pack up on Sunday and head over to my hunny's parent's place. I took charge of packing up food, all of my stuff, and anything else I might need.

To ensure my stay would go allergy free, I brought:

  • my nickel testing kit for all of the door knobs and silverware
  • nitrile gloves so I can freely touch any of the kitchen tools without having to test every single thing. They also prevent any eczema on my hands from becoming irritated by raw meat, etc.
  • our bedding. Gotta have 100% cotton due to my synthetic fabric allergy
  • a 100% cotton towel
  • fresh and frozen food
  • all of my toiletries including my nickel free nail clippers. Nickel is very common in clippers and my nails were getting long enough that it was annoying while typing.
  • pure epsom salt so we can take advantage of their giant jacuzzi tub. I most likely wouldn't be able to use anything at their house due to my propylene glycol and preservative allergies.
  • and obviously my purse which contains creams and ointments for my break-outs

And I did all of this without getting completely aggravated! I actually had a pleasant time testing for nickel in their kitchen as weird as that sounds. I'm proud to say that I handled the whole thing without letting stress and anxiety get me down! I was actually in a good mood and was making sure to be grateful for anything that I could, such as gazing at this sweet view of Lake Michigan through the trees while I sipped on some hot lemon water:


Peaceful, right? I love it.

Their house just so happens to be REALLY dry - to the point where it's hard for me to breathe at times, so I think I'm going to bring over our humidifier. Even with that said, I'm happy to say that this time around, I adjusted quite well to the situation :-)