Ask The Allergista: Know of any 100% Cotton Dancewear?


This summer I will be going to a musical theatre school in Germany. This is a dream come true for me, but the problem is, I am allergic to every fabric under the sun except for cotton. I have been searching vigilantly for 100% cotton leotards, jazz pants, tights, and a black dance skirt. I was wondering if you knew of any sites that might carry any of these items. If not, I have ideas for substitutes. Thanks for all your help.


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Wow... how wonderful to live a dream like that!

I did some searching and I haven't been able to find any companies who specialize in cotton dancewear.

I did find a few pieces, though. I'm not sure if that skirt would work out since it's corduroy, but I thought I'd include it anyways just in case.

Here's what I found:

[gallery type="circle" ids="4701,4698,4703,4699,4705,4700,4702,4704,4706"]

I hope this helps!

And good luck on your journey! I wish you the best.


The Allergista