Allergy/Eczema Combo Stories: Chapter 1

I have extreme allergies and eczema. It has gotten to the point where my dermatologist told me he isn't sure what else to do for me and that I need to see an allergist (which I've already done the testing twice at his suggestion, same answer every time, all plant life.) Part of the blog that I started revolves around my struggles with allergies and eczema problems in the world of my interest in the metaphysical where a huge emphasis is placed on nature. I cannot participate in nature as I am allergic to all of it.

During my test there were only eight items that I was not allergic to, and both times the tests were stopped early because the itching was getting to be too miserable.

I'm still looking for relief while nothing is helping. My leg looks like it was put into a pot of boiling water and my shoulder is starting to break out as well. There was only one time when everything cleared and the conditions to get back to that time are impossible. I feel very close to losing my mind.

Ugh, I know how you feel. Have you seen a patch test specialist? A typical allergist doesn't test things like synthetic fabrics or an extensive list of chemicals. I feel like they definitely haven't found the root of the problem. Unless you're rubbing your leg against plants, it just doesn't make sense. I switched to 100% cotton clothing and my skin has improved dramatically. it also helped to cut out chemical filled body products as well as disposable razors due to the nickel and chemicals in the moisturizing strip. I went through a long phase of not showing my legs, actually. You can begin your search here to find a doctor who can do extensive testing. There aren't that many of them out there, but  the doctor I went to, Dr. Scheman, changed my life. I'm grateful to have been referred to him!

I hope you find the root of the problem. Dealing with this sort of stuff sucks :-(


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