My Leaky Gut

Sounds gross, right? Well, I've been hearing about leaky gut more and more as I read other people's blogs. It seems that a lot of health issues are rooted in leaky gut syndrome.

Recently, I've been having some issues with eczema popping up in places that just don't make sense, such as the top of my left foot. Most of my skin allergies are contact allergies, meaning that if my skin touches something such as nickel or neosporin, I will start to break out shortly after.

I decided to do a little research about a week ago and found that lactose intolerance can cause leaky gut which can cause skin issues and bloating.... two things I've had problems with.

Now, what is leaky gut syndrome you ask?

It has to do with your intestines and can be caused by issues with diet such as celiac disease and lactose intolerance, medications, alcohol, chronic stress and bacterial imbalances. It's not really recognized by the typical doctors out there, but is with nutritionists and alternative medicine doctors.

What happens is these triggers break down the lining of your intestines, making the walls of your intestines waaaaay more permeable than they should be. This causes food, toxins, viruses, bacteria and even waste to leak through and get into your bloodstream. Yuck.

This results in various bodily reactions such as bloating, skin conditions, cramps, headaches, aches and pains, and fatigue.

Also, as the walls of the intestines are being broken down, the tiny villi (finger-like projections) become damaged. These villi are responsible for the absorption of nutrients and this can result in nutritional deficiencies. I'm actually vitamin D deficient, but a lot of people in the midwest are due to our winters which lack sun.

This got me to thinking.... and I have to make a confession here.... though I've been diagnosed with lactose intolerance... I've been bad lately... for the past few months. I've been snacking on cheese, having pizza, and just being bad to my lactose intolerance. So, could this be why I've had these unexplainable skin issues?

It was time to crack down and see what happened...

Remember that patch of eczema on my foot that I was complaining about?

Well, I cut out dairy and it began improving almost immediately!


It's drying out without me having to put anything on it and all of the eczema on my fingers is GONE. YEAH. Well, one small spot popped up on my left hand today, but that's it right now.

I mean... maybe it's all a fluke or coincidence, but I think this could be a big part of it. I still have some eczema above my armpits and some new eczema that I noticed this morning my left elbow, but I've never really been able to get rid of the stuff above my armpit. I still have to figure that one out. I don't think the dairy was helping, though! Maybe the stuff on my elbow happened because of dinner last night. I was at work longer than usual and ordered from a new delivery place. I'm really glad to finally see the stuff on my foot and hands dry up, though.

Have you had issues with leaky gut?