Eczema Stories: Chapter 12

After drug-store ointments stopped working on my eczema on my neck and arms, I saw a dermatologist. 4 co-pays and 4 various prescription ointments later, my eczema had only gotten worse. And cost me well over 500 dollars. I went into my local Lush cosmetics store to pick up some things and the saleswoman suggested I try their Buffy bar to combat my dry, winter skin. Seeing wonderful results on my legs, I decided to try it on my scaly eczema patches. At this point I had nothing to lose. I rubbed the Buffy bar onto my patches and let the oils soak for about a minute before rinsing it off. Pat dry, put on pajamas, and into bed. The next morning I was shocked to see a drastic improvement. 2 days of using the bar later, my patches were gone entirely. I had gone from scratching until they bleed to beautiful skin in less than a work week. The Buffy bar (about 25 dollars for the large bar) literally changed my life. And it's free of all those ointment chemicals. Just beautiful, natural ingredients for beautiful, natural skin.

Wow, that's awesome! Who knew a bar of soap could fix it all. Sounds like maybe you had an allergy to one of the common ingredients in body products. That was a big problem for me. After reading the post, I realize it sounds like maybe somebody from the company, Lush, wrote it, but I actually reached out to this girl on Twitter because she had mentioned her eczema problems. She's legit! Here's a link to the Lush website. I've heard of them before and heard good things, but haven't tried their products yet. Have you?


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