My super awesome nickel-free flat iron

So, back in February of last year... I was walking through the mall... minding my own business... on a mission to buy my hunny a present. I just so happened to be in the market for a flat iron and even though I wasn't planning on it, I bought one from "Idiot-boy". He was a trip. You can read more about him here. I know the name calling seems harsh, but just read the blog post and it will aaaall make sense. My thing with flat irons is I need one that is COMPLETELY free of nickel. So many of the irons out there have metal plates or have metal underneath the ceramic plates. I don't want any chance of hot metal nickel-filled ions being in my hair. I don't know if that even makes sense, but I react to nickel as if it were poison ivy and I am not taking any chances.

Unlike the popular Chi irons out there, the plates on the ceramic Herstyler are 100% ceramic:


Now, I will say this right now: I totally didn't pay $200 for this flat iron which is how much they cost on the website. If you Google "Herstyler ceramic", you'll be able to find them for a better price. I paid about half price in the mall. (Sorry, Herstyler! Your irons are expensiiiiive.)

If I haven't had a nickel reaction with my crazy severe allergy, you won't either.

And this flat iron is AWESOME. Since it's 100% ceramic, it can actually reach a higher temperature and not damage your hair as much as a metal iron would. My hair is really thick and this iron makes it silky smooth: