Nickel Free Guitar: Part V

It's been about a month since I've updated you guys on my super duper awesome nickel free guitar. The last update I gave was about the beautiful red stain we put on the cedar body. After that was done, we started piecing it together and installing the electronics so it can actually make some sound!

I made sure to get some videos up on Vine because I think it's easier to show the process for the electronics through video. It would take a LOT of photos to show the process.

So, here we go!

And then.... we tested the output jack for nickel...

See the pink? That's a positive test result.

I was really bummed. Actually, I shed a few tears over it. It may sound silly, but I was really looking forward to having my new toy be 100% nickel free. I had finally let myself get excited about it and this wasn't what I wanted to happen.

I'm allergic to nickel like it's poison ivy. Those are words straight from the doctor's mouth. And it gives me a lot of anxiety. For example, in the mornings when I leave the house, sometimes I'm carrying a bunch of stuff all at once... my laptop, purse, lunch bag, and lately, a bag with my shoes since snow is eeeeverywhere. And this also means I can't set down everything I'm holding to get out my car keys because the snow will get everything wet. I feel like I'm juggling all of these items and my health. Frankly, it puts me in a bad mood. And that is NO way to start the day, you know?

Our solution to the guitar problem is to paint the output jack with black nail polish. We are aaaaalmost done!

Can't wait :-)

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