PRODUCT REVIEW: 100% Pure Body Products

Not too long ago, a reader told me about the folks over at 100% Pure. They make products for:

  • cosmetics
  • skincare
  • bath & body
  • hair
  • kids
  • and gifts

So, I sent them an email because I had a few questions. Their products are very botanically based and, for me, the problem with that is that propylene glycol is hidden in a lot of botanical extracts. Also, I'm allergic to hydrogenated oil, so if they use any of that, I can't buy the products.

They very kindly wrote me back with the following:

We never use propylene glycol, chemicals, artificial fragrances, petro chemicals, or chemical preservatives in any of our products.  We use many natural essential oils in our products.  All of our ingredients are listed on our website of each product!

Awesome, right? They also sent me a couple of items to review.

I've been having a reeeeally good time trying them out :-)


I've been using these two products for the last week and am happy to report that I've had ZERO problems with either of them! Woohoo!

The blood orange body scrub is eeeeasily my favorite. I'm very drawn to the smell. It smells really fresh and leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day. I especially love using it on my neck. I make sure not to scrub it on any eczema I may have at the time, obviously. Scrubbing your irritated skin is not going to do anything good for it.

The virgin coconut hand buttercream is also very nice. The smell is pretty strong, but I do like it because it reminds me of being at the beach. I am definitely into that as it's been -15 degrees lately in Chicagoland. The cream is nice and fluffy. I think it may be whipped. I love the texture.

It's been a long time since I've used any wonderfully fragranced body products, so I'm happy to be back in the game, aw yeah! I look forward to trying out more of their products in the future :-)

A big thanks to 100% Pure for doing what they do!