Allergic contact dermatitis can be so frickin annoying... and sneaky.

It's been a while since I've posted any photos of my skin and I've actually been having some persistent allergic contact dermatitis patches, which is aNNoying... It's been happening on the following places:

  • on top of my middle finger, right hand
  • a few sprinkles of bumps on my elbows
  • a 1.5" patch of bumps above each armpit
  • a  half inch patch of bumps on the top of my left foot

These are common places for me (above the armpit is VERY common). Things seem to be kind of dying down (for now), but these have been going on for the last six weeks. I can't figure out why these common spots happen... I've been able to figure out a whole bunch, but these have me stumped.

ACD aka allergic contact dermatitis aka a form of eczema can look like:

  • bubbles
  • red splotches (these tend to disappear more quickly)
  • red bumps

And as the bumps die down, they merge into red patches. ACD is itchy and can be very painful. When I had it all over my fingers, it was REALLY painful... Especially on my knuckles because that skin moves a lot.

It occurs when I touch my allergens such as nickel or propylene glycol.

Here are a bunch of photos of what my ACD has looked like at times:

above armpit
on my wrist after it's been scratched off
above armpit when it starts going away
bubble on side of hand

And you can see my worst breakouts on my "My Story" page.

Got any suggestions for what I might be touching that's irritating the spots I listed in the bullet points above?