Ask The Allergista: I think I'm reacting to propylene glycol in my personal care products. Does this sound familiar?


I actually have a question regarding propylene glycol allergies; not too long ago I began using neutrogena’s oil free eye makeup remover, and after a couple of days I saw small white bumps appear around my eyes. I immediately stopped using the product and they went away. About three days ago, I started using Colgate’s optic white mouthwash, and the morning after the first use, I saw the same white bumps, but on my lips. Now, I really don’t know much about allergies but I compared the ingredients and the only one in common is propylene glycol so I assumed I’m allergic to it. Does that reaction sound like something someone would get when allergic to propylene glycol? I really look forward to some feedback, since it seems so many things contain propylene glycol and I may be allergic to more things containing it and just haven’t seen (or picked up on) the reactions. Thank you soooo much and your blog has opened my eyes to so many things!!!



You are so very welcome :-) I'm so happy to hear that feedback. I loooove doing this!

And yes, I get similar allergic reactions on my lips. Mine aren't really white. They're more like ultra tiny, almost invisible bumps and when it happens, they completely cover my lips.

I'd definitely recommend getting patch testing if you can. I got mine done with Dr. Scheman and it changes my life. You can also search here for doctors who may also be able to do patch testing. Look for doctors that can do EXTENSIVE testing - like fill your back up with patches extensive... not just a few of them.

I hope this helps and that you can find your way to a doctor at some point - or at least stop the reactions.


The Allergista