The search for a nickel-free razor continues...


I've been working on spreading word of my petition to have a more allergy friendly razor created and have come across questions, comments, and a company who may have the solution.

The questions:

Why don't you do laser treatment? Obamacare may even pay for that now.

Answer: My dermatologist didn't think this would be a good idea for me at ALL. Also, no health care company is going to care about my desire to be free of body hair. That's considered an elective. And yes, I asked my doctor about it.


Why a disposable razor? Those are bad for the earth. Why not just find a better electric razor?

Answer: I have two different nickel-free Panasonic electric razors. Unfortunately, nothing cuts as close to the skin as having a razor right against your skin. Electric razors always have some sort of guard. Also, electric razors can't be used on aaaall the parts of a female - catch my drift? As far as being kind to the earth goes... electric razors create waste too. The blades get dull and you either have to toss it for a new one or dispose of the blades and get new ones.


Razors without the moisturizing strip are readily available. Nickel is part of the Chromium process which adds hardness to the tip of the blade.

Umm.... ok... Not helpful. And yes, nickel makes things harder (that's why it's in gold) and it also prevents rust which is probably why it's in so many razors.


Have you tried contacting Preserve razors? I think they would be more receptive to your request. I don't believe Gillette would make anything "chemical-free" because they are not a natural company. I think more people would support a petition for a product like this because it is a more responsible choice.

And another comment in relation to that last comment:

I have purchased the Preserve razor. They make (or at least they did make) just the razor head part in a 10 pack. So one is not recycling the whole thing, just the head. Preserve works pretty well (and I use it) but not as good as Gillette.

Now, those last two comments were very helpful. And they make me a little hopeful... The second comment came from somebody with sensitive skin who's also allergic to propylene glycol (my main reason for not wanting to go near moisturizing strips). Now, she said she may have used these razors before her propylene glycol allergy developed, but isn't sure. In addition, these blades are titanium coated. So, with the possibility of these strips being pg free (and hopefully benzoic acid and sodium benzoate free)... I have a little bit of hope. I won't get excited, though...

I tweeted the company, so we shall see!:

@Preserve Are your razors nickel free? I'm severely allergic and am looking for a nickel free option. I'm also allergic to cobalt. Another

— The Allergista (@theallergista) January 1, 2014

@Preserve question: are the moisturizing strips free of propylene glycol and benzoic acid? These are a couple of my other allergens. I'd

— The Allergista (@theallergista) January 1, 2014

@Preserve love to test out the product and review it on my blog! Is there any chance of you making a razor without the moisturizing strip?

— The Allergista (@theallergista) January 1, 2014

Almost forgot one of my allergens! That happens sometimes since I have such a list to keep track of:

@Preserve Also, are the strips sodium benzoate free? Thanks in advance for your guidance!

— The Allergista (@theallergista) January 1, 2014

So, I'll keep you guys posted. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

In the meantime, if you'd like to sign my petition to have a disposable razor free of nickel and moisturizing strips created, click here!