Eczema Stories: Chapter 11

My name is Lawrence Guo. I'm a sophomore in the Bay Area and i currently am i varsity wrestler. I have eczema especially during the dry winter season. Last year, i had eczema on my earlobe and it was sooo itchy! Some skin came off and i thought itll be fine. I just kept wrestling and having sweat drip on it. After a while it just got infected and turned into impetigo which was the nastiest thing that has ever happened to me (graphic images if you search it)

WOW. I just looked up impetigo and the worst of the photos look so horrible :-( A lot of the photos remind me of when I had a staph infection from my allergic eczema... And it was SO painful. Wrestling seems like a really harsh sport for eczema with all of the rubbing that must happen on the skin!

Thanks so much for sharing your story.

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