Fashion Friday: Mom Jeans Part II

Who knew "mom jeans" would become such a hot topic? A couple weeks ago, I took a dig at mom jeans and got a little bit of backlash (as well as a bunch of  people agreeing)... So last week, I did a post talking about why mom jeans aren't very flattering and posted a video from the famous stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly which illustrates exactly how to find the perfect fit of jeans - all while avoiding mom jeans.

"Someone" who happens to be a huge advocate for mom jeans is standing firmly in her stance that I am, in fact, wrong about mom jeans not being stylish. You can read up on that here in the comments.

"Someone" posted a link to an updated version of mom jeans... arguing that they are in fact stylish and perhaps they are coming back into fashion.

These are the cotton mom jeans that were posted:


They ARE updated, but I still wouldn't wear them. Hell... I only have 2 pairs of jeans because I'm such a stickler about fit. I hate the fact that I can't try most of them on in stores since it's easier to find 100% cotton jeans online.

Also, this model who is wearing the jeans...


...has a figure that would look good in a paper bag.

You can look good when you have a banging body and are wearing barely anything else but the jeans. As soon as she puts on more clothing (like in the first photo)... I personally don't think the jeans look that great (sorry, "someone"! I still love you).

So, this spurred somebody else to ask in the comments... well, wait... what ARE mom jeans? And what are boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans aren't tapered at the bottom and they're more straight in the hip than mom jeans. They're slung a little lower on like hips, just as if you borrowed your boyfriend's jeans. The typical mom jean is more high-waisted and kinda tapers toward the top as well.

These are 100% cotton boyfriend jeans:


Now, I've been resisting posting this video since not eeeeeverybody may find it funny, but it DOES perfectly illustate the mom jeans I speak of... The kind that are in no way flattering.

It's an Saturday Night Live short, so keep in mind... this is for the sake of comedy! Yet, it pretty accurately shows what I've been referencing (...not the jeans with the elastic waist. Those don't look 100% cotton):


So there you have it, folks. Mom jeans vs. boyfriend jeans! Take your pick...

You can find more 100% cotton pants here on my pinterest board!