Ask The Allergista: What are some propylene glycol free personal care and cleaning products?


Hi. I am 46 year old woman and I am both relieved and embarrassed to have the privilege to meet you. In the past 21 years, I have had 6 anaphylactic reactions to mango and latex. As I am getting older and my hormones are changing, I have also been diagnosed with a severe allergy to nickel and cobalt, as well as a sensitivity to Propylene Glycol. I am known, lovingly, in my close circle of friends, as the "itchy girl"... always a little flushed, scratching and making strange noises to appease my ears and throat discomfort.

As it turns out, my husband (who I love dearly) needs me to accompany him to a number of business and political functions. And even more importantly, I just want to feel better. I am searching for skin, hair and house care products that are "my" allergen free, as well as make-up and styling products that will help me feel beautiful and help stop the itching.

Please let me know your suggestions, and thank you in advance for your commitment to the "itchy" gang. xoxoxo


Hi! :-)

You're so sweet! Thanks for writing me. And you are most welcome. I've found such a sense of community in the "itchy gang"!

I have a Pinterest board full of propylene glycol free products. You can check that out here! And here's what I use for make-up on a daily basis. I also just started using this eye shadow.

As far as propylene glycol free house care products, I love love love Method's products. They're very good at listing the ingredients on their website and what the purpose of their ingredients are. An added plus: they're non-toxic! Love it.

Good luck with your journey. I hope this helps!


The Allergista