FASHION FRIDAY: Just Say No to Mom Jeans

Soooo, a couple Fridays ago, I did a post on cotton pants and took a dig at "mom jeans":

Pants have been one of the top most difficult thing to find made in cotton. For men, it’s not so hard because they’re not trying to accentuate their curves (for the most part). But if you’re a female who’s not looking to wear mom jeans, it’s not that easy.

And I got this response:


And then I posted this on Facebook:

Dear Fashion Gods, I solemnly promise that even when I'm a mom, I will not wear mom jeans.

And got this response:

nuthin' wrong with mom jeans

So, I feel like I need to clarify some things:

  • I don't have anything bad to say about the people who wear mom jeans. Your clothing does not define who you actually are as a person.
  • Mom jeans tend to have a way-too-long zipper in the front, some have horrible pleating, they tend to stop at the ankle, and they give you this long yet frumpy-butt appearance. They're just not flattering in any way, shape, or form.
  • You can be a mom and not wear these jeans, I promise. I really, really do.

Also, with this in my blog header:


I cannot in good conscience advise anybody to wear mom jeans. I'm no Karl Lagerfeld, but I can confidently say that mom jeans are a big no-no.

SO! I've got a little video here with the famous stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly which illustrates just how to find the perfect jeans:

Make sure to check out my 100% cotton pants / shorts board on Pinterest! There's a wide range of options for pants. There are jeans, trousers, and more.

And moms, no matter what jeans you wear, I still love you!